7 Reasons to Move Your Law Firm to a Private Cloud

Law Firm Cloud – Why You Should Move to a Private Cloud Now

You’re a busy law firm. You manage clients, cases, employees, documents, deadlines… and you mange your firm. The business and administrative aspects of a law firm. It’s a lot to keep your arms around, especially as your practice grows. Within that, technology and IT can be a competitive edge… or a liability. In this article we’ll explore how a law firm cloud platform will ensure that, for your firm’s technology, the situation is the former.

You’ve heard a lot about cloud computing. Maybe you’re using some cloud-based services now. Maybe you’re considering moving more of your practice to a law firm cloud solution. But maybe you still have some reservations about going all-in on cloud computing.

Perhaps you’re worried about security. Or about lack of control. Or simply the fear of the unknown.

In my role at Uptime Legal I talk to a lot of law firms, both pre and post-move to the cloud. I can share the reasons they moved to a law firm cloud solution in the first place, and the reasons that keep them in the cloud and keep them from ever even thinking about buying an on-premise server again.

In this article I’ll dive into the reasons your firm should not just use cloud-based technologies but should go all-in and move their practice to a private cloud.

So, let’s get started.

Why should you move to a law firm cloud platform?

About the Author: Dennis Dimka
Dennis Dimka is the CEO and founder of Uptime Legal Systems, North America's leading provider of technology, cloud and marketing services to law firms. Dennis is the author of Law Practice as a Service: How and Why to Move Your Law Firm to the Cloud, and was an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist in 2016. Follow Dennis on LinkedIn.

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