8 Android Apps Every Attorney Needs

The practice of law has become a mobile profession, increasing the need for robust mobile applications. Add to that: modern-day tablets are sophisticated enough to replace your laptop. Add a keyboard and you’re computing on the go, laptop-free.

There plenty of articles that talk about great iPhone and iPad apps for lawyers–but what about Android? Google’s mobile operating system has passed Apple in overall market share–and we expect the same to occur within law firms.

With that in mind here are 8 apps that every lawyer should have on their android devices.

1. Microsoft Office Suite

It used to be that if you used an Android device you had to either use Google Docs to create and manage documents, spreadsheets and presentations–or use one of the many third-party Office-like applications out there (like Kingston Office or Polaris Office, to name a few). They worked, but they weren’t the Microsoft Office you know and love. Fast forward to today: Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, wisely shifted Microsoft to a more platform-agnostic company, making its core software compatible outside Microsoft’s own ecosystem. Microsoft published its Office suite to all devices–including Android. Now you can get the full suite–including the real Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint–on Android. And they look and function beautifully.

Get it on Google Play: Microsoft Office.

2. Microsoft Outlook and Exchange

Yes, we know that Outlook is part of the Office suite. But Outlook deserves its own mention in this list. Android’s native email client will connect with an Exchange server or service just fine, and the client works reasonably well, but Microsoft’s Outlook for Android is just a bit better–especially if you’re a fan of the new Outlook 2016 interface and functionality. You get the Focused Inbox (a great way to keep your inbox neat), and the familiar, smooth Outlook 2016 interface.

Get it on Google Play: Microsoft Outlook.

3. GoToMeeting

If you’re not familiar–Citrix’s GoToMeeting is arguably the best online meeting platform. It allows you to host online meetings–along with conference bridges–to meet, work and collaborate with anyone. You can have multiple parties all join a meeting form different locations on different devices. It allows you to share your computer screen so everyone can look at the same thing at once (a great way to deliberate over a contract or document). And the Android GoToMeeting app allows you to host or join meetings from your smart phone or tablet. An essential tool for every Android-using attorney.

4. Remote Desktop

If your law firm uses a Private Cloud or virtual desktop platform to host its applications (it should), there are plenty of Remote Desktop apps to choose from on the Google Play network. Our favorite is simply called Remote Desktop. It allows you to optimize your resolution for your device, and allows gives you three great options for mouse input. You can either use your tablet screen as a track-pad–just like you would on a traditional laptop (that little square near the bottom of your old laptop’s keyboard). Or you can use your tablet screen as a touch-pad, and simply tap where you want your cursor to go. Or–you can simply connect a Bluetooth mouse.

5. Tiny Scanner

This one is useful all the time. Tiny Scanner is–as the name implies–an app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a scanner. It uses the camera on your device to scan documents and save them as usable files. While you can always simply take photographs of documents, Tiny Scanner is optimized to scan documents, including tools, post-scan, to trim and crop around a document and save the document to a PDF.

Get it on Google Play: Tiny Scanner.

6. WordPerfect Viewer

Many lawyers still use WordPerfect and prefer it over Microsoft Word or other word processing applications. Sadly, Corel has not made a fully-featured WordPerfect app for Android (yet), but they have developed a viewer, which allows you to open and read WordPerfect documents from your Android device. It’s better than nothing, and if your practice still generates a lot of WordPerfect docs, this is a must-have app in your mobile tool lineup.

7. OneNote/Evernote

These are two different, but similar apps we’ll list together, depending on your preference. OneNote is Microsoft’s application to take and organize notes. You can create multiple notebooks, sections (tabs), pages and sub-pages. You can tag content in your notes in different ways (including to-do’s, contact info, web site info, ideas) and more. Evernote is another great note-taking and organizing application for those who wish to stay outside the Microsoft wheelhouse. Like OneNote, its available for Android devices (as well as others), a Windows desktop application and even a web interface. Both are great apps, and every attorney should have one or the other in their toolkit.

Get it on Google Play: OneNote | Evernote.

8. Skype for Business

Microsoft recently combined Lync, its business-class instant messaging tool, with its acquired Skype, a video-chat application to make Skype for Business, an application that’s the best of both worlds. Skype for Business allows companies and workgroups to chat via instant message or face to face. It has business-class features such as virtual white-boarding and click-to-call phone system integration. And the Android Skype for Business app gives you all of these great features on your tablet and smart phone.

Get it on Google Play: Skype for Business.


There you have it–8 essential apps for lawyers who love their Android devices. So go ahead and install these apps to your tablet and phone.Happy mobile lawyering.