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Aderant Overview

We’ll kick our Aderant review off by providing an overview.

Aderant provides a suite of cloud-based software to help law firms manage their day-to-day operations. Their cloud-based solutions include BillBlast eBilling (the ultimate focus of this Aderant review), Expert and Expert Sierra for budgeting and financial information, Expert Case and Expert Sierra for case management, Handshake to help control and manage data, Spotlight and MatterWorks to help law firms make the best possible business decisions, and CompuLaw to help law firm’s manage their risk.

It’s important to note that some of their products (such as Expert Sierra) can handle more than one law firm need. Aderant solutions can be purchased separately or a custom package can be put together after a demo.

What We Like about Aderant eBilling

Next in our Aderant review, we’ll cover what, in our view, are the most stand-out capabilities.There are a lot of great features to love about Aderant BillBlast eBilling. Here are some of our favorites:

It works for one-person offices or for BigLaw firms. Aderant prides itself on working for small law firms and scaling up as your firm grows.Some practice management software works well for solos and very small firms, but begins to fall apart once the firm grows in headcount.

This scalability is important to consider early on as your firm evaluates legal practice management software.

Aderant BillBlast eBilling integrates with all major time and billing systems. We can’t write an Aderant review without mentioning integrations.Integration is an important factor: This means you can most likely keep the time and billing system and automatically generate an invoice.

Helps lawyers and support staff improve productivity. Because this software allows law firms to use automation to create invoices, it takes less time to generate bills. Lawyers and support staff alike can spend less time on invoice creation and more time on client matters. This billing solution also provides law firms with automatic submission of ebills to third-party spend management sites.

See the payment status for every invoice. Next up in our Aderant review:payment statuses.Because Aderant BillBlast eBilling plays well with the major time and billing software that lawyers use, there’s no need to spend time finding past due invoices or determining which invoices are paid. Aderant provides an easy to use dashboard that shows you which invoices are paid and which are still outstanding.

Key Features of Aderant eBilling

The key features sported by Aderant BillBlast eBilling include:

  • An intuitive cloud-based interface
  • Its ability to integrate with major time and billing software options
  • LEDES standards compliance
  • The ability to customize templates for bill creation
  • Centralizing the location of all bills created on behalf of the law firm
  • Payment tracking
  • Email and efax delivery capabilities
  • Payment acceptance

The Uptime Verdict

Aderant BillBlast eBilling is a fantastic cloud-based bill creation process that saves busy law firms time. Its ability to integrate with popular time tracking software means lawyers and support staff spend less time creating bills and more time focusing on client matters. Its delivery options and its ability to accept payments are two more reasons we appreciate this eBilling solution. We hope you found our Aderant review informative and helpful.

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Better in the Cloud

Leverage Aderant for your practice anywhere, without the need for on-premise servers and expensive IT support, with a legal cloud platform such as Uptime Practice™. Time Matters, combined with the right private legal cloud solution, will give you access to your entire practice including your case management and billing software, your files, documents & email, anytime, anywhere.

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