Cloud Hosting for Law Firms: Cost vs. Value

How much should you pay for cloud hosting for your law firm? While price is often the factor that firms look at first, it's not the only factor. So you are comparing apples-to-apples when evaluating cloud hosting for your law firm, here is a breakdown of what you should consider.

Local vs. Remote IT Support for Law Firms

Planning to move to the cloud is becoming the obvious next move if you’re a law firm. Having on-site equipment to be maintained, supported, and updated can be cost-ineffective, especially compared to the benefits of having everything accessible in the cloud. But, for some firms the idea of moving their entire practice to the cloud […]

How Not To Select a Cloud Service Provider

Today, it seems like everyone is talking about the cloud. In response, IT service providers and software companies that traditionally focused on networks and desktop software are facing a shifting landscape and shrinking revenues, prompting some of them to develop cloud offerings of their own. Choice and competition is a good thing, but beware of […]