Law Firm Case Management Software – A Guide to Features

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Law Firm Case Management Software Features If you’re looking for law firm case management software, you’re really looking for a way to make life in your office a little bit easier. Which application is best suited to streamline your practice and make things run more efficiently? Behind the products, the branding, […]

QuickBooks for Law Firms in the Cloud – What Attorneys Need to Know

QuickBooks for Law Firms – What Law Firms Need to Know About the Cloud QuickBooks for law firms is one of the most trusted names for accounting. Yet, many law firms feel that they must choose between either the full-featured nature of QuickBooks Professional (Desktop), or the cloud-based but more simplified QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Professional […]

We Moved QuickBooks to the Cloud – Lessons Learned from a Law Firm

QuickBooks for Law Firms – Lessons Learned in the Cloud QuickBooks is one of the most recognized names in accounting software for every industry. Because it’s so well-known (not to mention reliable and its rich features), we’re certainly not surprised when law firms mention that they’d like to move their firm’s QuickBooks to the cloud. […]