Uptime Practice is a private cloud developed just for law firms. Uptime Practice will host your entire practice in the cloud: your software applications, your documents and your email. Uptime Practice eliminates the need for on-premise servers and outside IT support, and allows you to work anytime, anywhere from any device.

Your migration to Uptime Practice will be planned and managed by an Uptime Project Manager. Your Project Manager will work closely with you to build your cloud environment and migrate your applications, data and email to the cloud, and train your team on working in the cloud. Click here to learn more.

While we hope to be your cloud service provider for a very long time, all Uptime services are month-to-month, and you cancel your service at any time. You may notice that our terms and conditions clearly state that any and all data you store in our cloud is your property. Should you ever cancel we will be helpful and cooperative to return your data to you, either by secure Internet download or shipping your data to you on an encrypted hard drive. (We’ll just charge for the cost of incidentals, such as shipping.)

Uptime Practice includes all necessary Microsoft software including Windows Server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server. Uptime Practice will host your existing/third-party software including your practice management software, billing and accounting software, document management and other software. Uptime does not provide or license non-Microsoft software: You must provide licensing for non-Microsoft software.

Very reliable. Uptime Practice includes a financially-backed 99.99% uptime guarantee. (It is, after all, the name of our company.) To deliver this we’ve built a world-class infrastructure that spans four data centers throughout the US. Our data centers are SAS70 Type II audited and compliant.

Very secure. Lawyers have an ethical responsibility to take steps to ensure that their clients’ data is securely stored and remains confidential. As a cloud service provider for the legal industry, Uptime shares this responsibility. We’ve built our cloud infrastructure from the ground up with security in mind. Physical security, anti-hacker security, intrusion prevention, military-grade encryption. With Uptime Practice you’ll have the same level of security as commercial banks and other fortune-500 companies.

Now that cloud computing is mainstream many bar associations have shared their opinions on cloud computing, and even recommend it. According to an article posted on the ABA website:

“Most fears about trusting client information to ‘the Internet’ are misplaced. One misconception is that client information may be intercepted as it travels across the Internet. Modern encryption has progressed to the point where it is unbreakable. Cloud companies understand that their reputations for protecting customer information are crucial. A single security breach would cost them dearly. Your client information is more secure stored on a reputable, professionally managed cloud server than on your office computers.”

Within our terms and conditions you’ll find language that outlines our obligations to you in the unlikely event we are served with a subpoena regarding your data. We will immediately notify you of such service, giving you ample time to respond. We will not answer the subpoena until its imposed deadline, providing you maximum time to respond.

Yes, with about 99% certainty. Uptime Practice is a cloud hosting platform designed specifically to host legal practice management software, and can host about 99% of any legal or windows-based software. We’re experts in hosting, migrating and supporting the most popular software used by law firms.

Yes, with about 99% certainty. Uptime Practice is compatible with virtually all printers, scanners and multifunction devices. Your local and network printers will appear and work within your virtual desktop just as they do on your local computer. Uptime Practice also makes scanning a breeze and supports scan to desktop, scan to folder and scan to email.

Absolutely. Whether you use two, three or more monitors, your Uptime Practice virtual desktop will span all of your monitors.

Absolutely, many of our customers are Mac users. You can access your Uptime Practice virtual desktop–and all software within it–from a Mac computer or iPad.

Computing resources, such as number of cloud servers, processing power, RAM and disk space will be allocated appropriately based on the number of users in your organization and the applications you use. For exact resource allocation, please refer to Uptime Practice Resource Entitlements.