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December 15, 2023|In Law Firm Software, LEAP|By Dennis Dimka
LEAP Review

Introduction to Law Practice Management Software

Law Practice Management (LPM) software is a platform that, to varying degrees, manages each aspect of your law firm. The scope, features and capabilities of any given Law Practice Management application varies from product to product; though broadly speaking, LPM software performs the following functions.

  • Client & Contact Management
  • Case/Matter Management
  • Time & Expense Tracking

  • Billing
  • Calendaring
  • Task Management

Beyond these core features, some LPM applications provide additional functionality or focus on a particular element of law practice as a stand-out feature. These include:

  • Conflict Checking
  • Document Assembly/Automation
  • Trust Accounting

  • Business Accounting
  • Document Management
  • Email Management

In this way, LPM software sometimes overlaps with Document Management Software (DMS) and Law Firm Accounting Software.

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Introduction to LEAP

LEAP is hybrid-cloud Law Practice Management Software. LEAP provides rich tools to manage your cases and your firm, and securely stores your data in the cloud.

LEAP has a (cloud-based) desktop application and mobile application.

At a high level, the LEAP software provides:

  • Law Practice Management
  • Legal Document Management
  • Document/Form Assembly
  • Legal Accounting (Trust/IOLTA)

(See below for a complete list of features.)

Hybrid Cloud

LEAP is unique in that it’s a hybrid-cloud application. Here’s what that means, and why it matters.

There’s no doubt that web-based software is easier to use and maintain than installable, desktop/server-based software. The trade-off, however, is usually software speed, performance, and functionality.

LEAP aims to give law firms the best of both worlds: There is an installed desktop client (simply called the LEAP Client), which is installed on your Windows desktop. However, the data is stored in LEAP’s cloud servers, which eliminates the need for servers and IT support. In this way, LEAP provides:

  • The Speed and Functionality of Desktop-based Software, and
  • The Ease, Simplicity and Mobility of Cloud-based Software

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LEAP lives at the center of your practice. But it’s one piece of an overarching technology platform for your law firm.

Uptime Practice™ Next

Practice Next is a suite of essential practice management and cloud services for your law firm, and includes:

  • LEAP Legal Software Setup & Support
  • Office 365 + Exchange Email
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Collaboration & Remote Meeting Tools
  • Data Security & Compliance Tools
  • Unlimited IT Help Desk

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A Good Fit for Firms That…

LEAP is a good fit for law firms that want a natively-cloud practice management solution, but need the robust capabilities that’s traditionally only found in older, desktop/server-based applications.

LEAP is particularly a good fit for firms that wish to automate form/document creation, as LEAP has a strong form/document library for various jurisdictions. (More on this later.)

LEAP is also a good fit for firms that need robust Trust/IOLTA accounting.

The Company

LEAP US is a division of LEAP Global, a worldwide provider of legal software to law firms.

See LEAP in Use

LEAP has a lot of functionality, but nonetheless has a streamlined, intuitive user interface. LEAP’s UI resembles Microsoft Office, giving it a familiar feel.

LEAP Stand-Out Features

Automated Documents & Court Forms

Automated documents and forms is arguably LEAP's killer feature. With it, you can autofill legal documents to save time and reduce errors with LEAP. Law firms will have access to the key templates and documents they have used for years, fully integrated within LEAP legal software. You can create documents in seconds by auto-merging content from matters in LEAP.

  • Over 9,500 legal forms for 1,600+ matter types
  • Pre-configured case types for all common areas of law
  • Securely share and collaborate on documents

Simplify IT, Work Anywhere

Keep all of your case files, emails, documents, appointments, and more organized with a comprehensive case and practice management system. With LEAP, there is no more need for a server. All of your system maintenance, backups, and updates are done automatically without the need for additional IT staff.

Fast Time Recording

LEAP legal software allows you to instantly record time spent on emails, phone calls, and letters or take advantage of customizable billing codes and fixed-fee entries directly from the built-in LEAP timesheet. All time entries sync to the corresponding matter which can be viewed and adjusted at any time if necessary, before a bill is sent. Once the bill is sent, your client pays online ensuring that you get paid faster.

Quickly capture billable time anywhere with the LEAP Mobile App, Apple Watch, or Amazon Alexa.

Client Portal

Manage incoming requests from potential and current clients to fill out intake forms, pay their bills, schedule appointments, and share large documents with LEAP’s Web Portal. Automate data entry for new cases with online intake forms that can be imported directly into LEAP as new matters. Manage and update questions or appointment requests from prospective clients.

LEAP also has one of the strongest mobile apps available, which works on Android and Apple (IOS) phones.

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Complete Feature List

Client & Contact Management

A central database to store information for clients, courts, related parties and other contacts.

Matter Management

A central database of matters, cases and projects. Stores the most relevant information pertaining to each matter.


Individual calendars for each user, along with an aggregated, firm-wide view/calendar. Synchronization with Outlook calendar.

Task Management

Create tasks and to-do items pertaining to specific matters or projects. Assign tasks and set deadlines.

Time & Expense Tracking

Track billable hours and related expenses for a particular client or matter.


Invoicing, including for billable hours, contingency work, and fixed-fee matters.

Conflict Checking

Search the database for related names, document each conflict check.

Business Accounting

Standard business accounting, including a Chart of Accounts, Bank/Operating Accounts, standard accounting reports (P&L, Balance Sheet).

Trust Accounting

Trust/IOLTA accounting for management of trust funds, including trust account reporting.

Document Assembly/Automation

Automatic preparation and population of specific court documents and forms.

Document Storage

Built-in cloud storage for related documents and files.

Document Management

Advanced document management including full-text search, document tagging & profiling, and version management.

Email Management

The ability to save emails to specific matters, via Outlook integration.

Mobile App

An Android or iPhone application for time entry and some subset of software functionality.

Client Portal

A client-facing online portal to share documents and updates with clients and other third-parties.

Open API

An open API (Application Program Interface), allowing you or third-parties to develop integrations with the software.


User Feedback

We’ve aggregated and curated feedback from LEAP users. This feedback is made up of feedback from our clients, legal technology consultants and online user feedback.

“LEAP is a Great Experience”

Dora from Whiteley & May

“My overall experience with LEAP is a great experience. Everyone that I have been in contact with has been extremely helpful in every way and very professional. I love that the mobile app for LEAP looks and performs as if you were at your desktop computer. I also find that the time entries and billing aspects could not get any easier.”


Denise from The Law Office of Denise Nordheimer

“We have benefited both in productivity, risk management and increased revenues from better capturing time. I love the absolute completeness of it from both a practicing perspective and a business perspective. As an attorney who also runs the business side, I am appreciative of the level of detail on both sides.“

“Made Our Estate Planning Practice Seamless”

Annika from DangerLaw

“It is a steep learning curve, even for an office full of millennials. But it is COMPLETELY worth it. Having our entire firm run from LEAP and its Microsoft integrations has made the COVID work from home transition incredibly easy and, likely, at least semi-permanent! Full integration with Microsoft Office. Our entire practice takes place via LEAP. Easy to search, easy to use once you know how.”

“Paralegal / Legal Assistant’s Best Friend!”

Sheena from Strileckyj Law Office

“It’s a must have for any size law office! Organization is a must in our business and LEAP provides just that with an accessibility ease to go along with it. It is also very lawyer friendly, as I know, we paralegals/legal assistants probably do the majority of the actual drafting and keeping of time. My boss caught on very quickly.”

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A LEAP Client Story

LEAP is used by law firms in the US, the UK and Australia. As part of our review of the LEAP legal software, we share the story of how one law firm, Maksisi Lawyers, used LEAP to streamline and grow their law practice.

LEAP Software Pricing

Pricing information provided is made up of intel from customers, consultants, and in some cases the software publisher.

  • LEAP is priced on a per-user, per-month basis (subscription-based licensing).
  • Pricing varies based on the firm and your unique needs.
  • Contact LEAP or contact Uptime Legal for pricing for your firm.

A Complete Law Office in the Cloud

LEAP goes a long way to help you mange your firm’s cases and practice.

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