Why Did Uptime Choose Legal for Specialized Cloud Services?

It’s a question I’m asked more than I would have expected.

Why did Uptime decide to focus on law firms?

The Most to Gain

All businesses can benefit from the cloud. In the early days of Uptime, we worked with all sorts of businesses, including law firms. Over time, we realized that law firms in particular have the most to gain from the cloud. This is because, as a rule, law firms are:

1. More mobile.

Lawyers–litigators and non-litigators are a mobile bunch. They work from the office, from client sites, from the courthouse, and they often burn the midnight oil at home or on the road. Modern attorneys need access to their legal practice management software, billing system, documents, and email–from anywhere. Cloud computing gives law firms the mobility that they need.

2. More security-conscious.

Law firms necessarily are very security conscious. They are responsible for privileged, sensitive, and often personal information. Every law firm has an obligation to safeguard information shared with or generated by the firm for its clients. Cloud computing can provide the law firm with the security they require…without significant hands-on management.

3. Less threshold for IT problems and downtime.

For law firms, time is literally money. Add to that the deadline-laden legal world, and there’s very little room left for IT problems or downtime. Cloud computing can deliver the reliability and uptime that a law firm needs.

No Need to Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

As our law firm client base expanded, we learned that most small and mid-sized firms relied on both their practice management and billing software systems. The most mature, most adopted applications are on-premises applications with features and capabilities that web-based software can’t meet. So why not have the best of both worlds…the software you know and the mobility you need?

A Private Cloud eliminates the need to move away from these tried and true applications, while delivering all the benefits from any device, from anywhere, and any time of the day.

The Result…Law Firm Private Cloud Experts

So there you have it. That’s why we believe law firms–possibly more than any other profession–have so much to gain from cloud computing. We also realized that to truly help our law firm clients we needed to immerse ourselves in understanding their operations and the legal applications they rely on. The luxury of focus means that for the last three years we have worked with every significant application used by law firms. We partner with the software developers and we are able to deliver high quality service and support with an expertise that only comes with time and experience.

About the Author: Dennis Dimka
Dennis Dimka is the CEO and founder of Uptime Legal Systems, North America's leading provider of technology, cloud and marketing services to law firms. Dennis is the author of Law Practice as a Service: How and Why to Move Your Law Firm to the Cloud, and was an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist in 2016. Follow Dennis on LinkedIn.

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