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Practice Area(s):  Criminal Defense Law, Personal Injury Law, Workers Compensation, and Family Law

Location(s):  Delafield, Wisconsin

It lets me sleep at night knowing that if we have a catastrophic event, the ability to obtain the critical information we need will be available for us to retrieve fairly quickly. And it’s just a touch of a button."

Uptime Practice Case Study

For over a decade, Bucher Law Group has provided legal counsel in the areas of Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and more. Attorney Paul Bucher is the prior Waukesha County District Attorney. He continues to carry this desire to serve the community with Bucher Law Group. They found servers to be dated technology and sought after a more modern solution that incorporated the cloud.

Before Uptime Practice

Bucher Law Group maintained traditional servers and an on-premise computer network prior to Uptime Practice. As Paul looked around, he saw the cloud gaining popularity while their servers were approaching their end. It was time to consider other options.

The Solution

From the suggestion of other attorneys, as well as Uptime’s presence at legal conferences, Paul knew that Uptime was going to be the best solution to bring Bucher Law Group into the present day. Now, Uptime’s cloud-hosting has provided Paul with peace of mind, flexibility, and efficiency.

Q&A with Paul Bucher

Tell us about your Firm

“My name is Attorney Paul Bucher. I’m the owner and CEO of Bucher Law Group. I am the owner and CEO of this firm. We primarily do Criminal Law Litigation. Pretty high level Criminal Litigation – normally felonies, murder, sexual assault, and a lot of drunk driving. In addition, we do family litigation for restraining orders, injunctions, protective orders, and juvenile law.”

What did you use prior to Uptime Practice?

“Prior to Uptime, we were using a central server in our office, which was really a pain because we had to download or save the tape every night and then take it to a secure location. With Uptime and our utilization of the cloud, it’s seamless. Everything is there, and we don’t have to even use the server anymore, which is great and really saves us a great deal of time by allowing us to retrieve information much faster.”

Ultimately, what made you choose Uptime Practice?

“Recommendations of other attorneys in the area. Although, there are still some firms that use servers, which I don’t quite understand. Also, at legal conferences at the Wisconsin Bar Association, conference Uptime was there. We knew that we had to replace our server, and we knew it was gonna be expensive. We knew that was inefficient and really just not in line with the times. So Uptime came highly recommended. Once we decided to do it, it became a very easy process and the staff was great.”

How has Uptime Practice streamlined or helped your law practice?

“As indicated, using Uptime has streamlined our practice in that we don’t have to save all of our data to the tape or some other location. Plus, it lets me sleep at night knowing that if we have a catastrophic event, the ability to obtain the critical information we need will be available for us to retrieve fairly quickly. And it’s just a touch of a button. I just have to remember to work on the cloud. It has just made our life so much easier. It’s not even a thought anymore.”

What are your favorite features or aspects of Uptime Practice?

“When we have problems with the cloud, we call Uptime. They’ve also gone out of the way to help us with things that really are outside their area of expertise but do have knowledge of. They’re very responsive and very quick. Uptime is always running. So, we just know it’s always there.”

What would you say to another law firm considering Uptime Practice? – What advice or council would you give?

“If you have a practice, using Uptime and is a no-brainer. There’s a little cost to it initially, but in the long term, it is absolutely, critically necessary in today’s day and age. If you’re thinking about it, you need to do it right away before it’s too late and something catastrophic occurs.”

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