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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Uptime Practice provides a complete Law Office in the Cloud™ with a suite of practice management, private cloud and other essential technology services. Uptime Practice comes in two editions, Practice Foundation and Practice Next.

Practice Next is a suite of essential law practice management, cloud and technology services. Collectively, each element in the Practice Next suite provides a complete Law Office in the Cloud, setup, managed and supported by Uptime Legal.

We provide Practice Management software from our network of industry-leading software partners. Contact us for a list of available platforms, options, features and pricing.

Yes, Practice Next includes Microsoft Office 365 including the Office suite, Exchange email, Teams and OneDrive.

If you’re already using Office 365, we’ll simply take over your existing account so that we can completely support your Office 365 implementation. In this way, Uptime Legal becomes your one point-of-contact for all things technology. Your Practice Next monthly invoice will include Office 365 going forward.

If you already have desktop/server-based legal software and wish to keep it (but still want to move to the cloud), you’d be an ideal fit for our Practice Foundation service, which provides Private Cloud hosting for premise-based legal software.

If you already have cloud-based software and wish to keep it, we may be able to provide the Practice Next suite to complement it, support your existing software and complete your Law Office in the Cloud. Contact us for more information.

Your migration to Practice Next will be planned and managed by an Uptime Project Manager. Your Project Manager will work closely with you to plan and implement your Practice Management software, migrate your existing documents and data to the cloud, and train your entire team to use your new cloud-based tools. Learn more

Yes. The onboarding process is a project that includes coordination and planning, discovery, setup, migration of your documents, data and email, integration of your local network and training for your entire staff. We charge a fixed fee for this process, which varies based on a few variables including number of users and the scope of your onboarding project. Contact us for a formal proposal for your firm.

No, and you won’t need it. When you move to the cloud, your core infrastructure (servers, applications and data) are no longer at your location. As such, all of your remaining local environment–PC’s, laptops, printers, scanners–can be easily supported by our world-class support team. There is virtually nothing our team can’t support from our office.

Within our terms and conditions, you’ll find language that outlines our obligations to you in the unlikely event we are served with a subpoena regarding your data. We will immediately notify you of such service, giving you ample time to respond. We will not answer the subpoena until its imposed deadline, providing you maximum time to respond.