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3-5 Users

$185/ User

per month

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6-14 Users

$145/ User

per month

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15-50 Users

$125/ User

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51+ Users

$115/ User

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Add-Ons & Upgrades

Add technology essentials and security enhancements to your plan.


Add-On Pack
    • Office 365
    • IT Help Desk
    • Desktop & Laptop Support
    • Printer & Scanner Support
    • Network & Internet Support
    • Local Virus Protection
    • + $25 / User / Month
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Add-On Pack
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Advanced Spam Filtering
  • Email Fraud (Phishing) Prevention
  • Enhanced Local Virus Protection
  • Compliant Office 365 Backup
  • Email Archive + Encryption
  • + $40 / User / Month
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Included Features

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Configuration & Pricing

  • Dedicated Cloud Servers
  • Legal Software Hosting + Maintenance
  • Tons of Storage
  • Microsoft Office for Each User
  • Virtual Cloud Desktop for Each User
  • SQL Server for your Legal Software
  • Server Data Security & Antivirus
  • Unlimited Cloud Support

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Pricing is based on standard configuration and utilization for applications commonly used by law firms. In some cases law firms may need additional resources required by specific software, or additional resources for applications in excess of Uptime Practice standard configurations and entitlements, which will increase the plan cost.

Contact us for a quote tailored to your law firm and your specific applications.

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"I highly recommend Uptime."

We are extremely happy with this service. I highly recommend Uptime Systems if you are setting up your office or looking to enter the cloud environment.

Denise Rekem

Parles & Rekem, NJ

"We recommend Uptime."

Uptime Systems provides our law firm with the IT service and support we require, hassle free and without the need for an onsite IT specialist. We recommend Uptime for small and medium size law firms seeking a cloud-based system.

Geoff Leibl

Leibl & Kirkwood, CA

"Uptime is Wonderful."

As a growing mid-sized law firm with 2 offices we were facing the reality of needing 2 or 3 servers to handle the IT needs of our firm. We moved our entire IT environment to the Uptime’s cloud in 2013. The cost savings is tremendous and the performance, flexibility, and reliability of our Uptime system is wonderful.

Brad Borden

Burdett Morgan, TX