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Data Security

Keeping Your Client and Firm Data Secure

Full-Spectrum Security

Uptime Practice has been built from the ground up to keep law firm data secure. From data encryption, to two-factor authentication, Uptime Practice keeps your most vital information safe.

Complete Data Encryption

Data stored in Uptime Practice is encrypted in transit and at-rest, using the latest in military-grade data encryption. This keeps your data secure and helps you maintain compliance.

24 x 7 Threat Monitoring

Our systems and our people are constantly abreast of and monitoring for the latest cybersecurity threats, including ransomware, hack attempts, viruses and other threats to your client information.

Geographic Redundancy

Never lose your data: We automatically back up all of your data to multiple redundant datacenters across the US.

Two-Factor Authentication

Optionally add Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) powered by DuoSecure.  MFA provides an additional layer of security by requiring a second means of authentication prior to accessing your data.

Bank Grade Security

  • NIST Security Framework
  • Dedicated / Private Application Hosting
  • Dedicated / Private Active Directory
  • Active Server Patch Management
  • 24 x 7 Failed Login Attempt Monitoring
  • Physical Security Enforced to Uptime Equipment
  • Defined Password Expiration and History Requirements
  • SOC 2 Compliant Data Center