Customer Success Stories

How Law Firms Like Yours Succeed with Uptime Practice

How One Attorney Found Solace in a Legal-Centric Cloud Host

Arnold Reiter
Reiter Law Firm

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“We should have done this years ago.”

Angelo Spyratos
Spyratos Davis LLC

How One Attorney Enjoys Flexibility and Data Security

Todd Tracy
The Tracy Law Group, PLLC

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How One Attorney Found a Modern-Day Solution to a Decades-Old Problem

Paul Bucher
Bucher Law Group

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“I love having my law office in the cloud”

Katherine Taylor
Law Office of Katherine L. Taylor, P.A.

How One Attorney Gained Flexibility and Collaboration with The Cloud

Damien Berthiaume
Berthiaume & Berthiaume

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How One Attorney Found Exceptional Support and Service

Barbara Lapham
Capizola, Pancari, & Lapham, P.A.

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“Our team loves the work experience.”

Phil Summa
Parsons Summa

How One Firm Came Back from a Hard Drive Crash

Brad Borden
Burdett Morgan Williamson & Boykin

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How One Attorney Freed Up Time to Focus on Legal Work

Brian Whitehurst
Cumberland Legacy Law

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“As an Uptime Legal customer for over 10 years, I had great confidence in Uptime Legal’s team.”

Ronald S. Canter, Esq.
The Law Offices of Ronald S. Canter

How One Firm Avoided Server Replacement and Maintenance

Denise Horan
Regan Associates, Chartered

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