Uptime Legal has helped hundreds of law firms move to the cloud.

Different firms have different reasons for moving to the cloud. Some seek better mobility. Others require enhanced security. Others yet simply want to get out of the business of managing servers and IT.

Check out just a few select stories of law firms like yours that made the move to the cloud.

Maybe you’ll be our next success story!

Moving PCLaw to the Cloud

Shasta Legacy Law relied on PCLaw to manage their accounting and their practice for years. The firm desired to move to the cloud for the enhanced security, mobility and reliability it brought, but didn’t want to sacrifice their practice management to do it. Learn how the firm moved their PCLaw to a private cloud, and how their practice is more streamlined than it’s ever been.

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Out of Crisis Comes a Successful New Direction

Burdett Morgan Williamson & Boykin was faced with a crisis: A significant crash of their on-premise server. The firm resolved to not only solve the disaster in front of them, but move their firm to a solution that would ensure they’d never face a crisis like this again. Learn how the firm moved to a private cloud that not only brought their firm to functional again, but that ensured their future was secure.

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A Private Cloud Success Story

The law firm of Regan Associates came to a crossroad: Their server was end-of-life. They could go through the expensive and painful process of replacing on-premise servers, or move to a private cloud. The firm chose the latter, and as a result their firm realized a level of security, mobility and efficiency beyond anything they had experienced before.

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