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Burdett Morgan Williamson & Boykin



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Tabs3, ProDoc, and ProLaw

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Practice Area(s):  Administrative Law & Condemnation

Location(s):  Amarillo, Texas

Uptime Practice Case Study

Burdett Morgan Williamson & Boykin (“BMWB”) is a mature and successful law firm with offices in Amarillo and Lubbock, TX. They server suffered a hard drive crash. A technology committee of firm partners was created to answer a single question, “If we were a new firm, just starting out, what would our software and IT infrastructure look like?” This prompted a search for a way to move to the cloud and evaluate software options.

We closed our offices at 4PM on a Friday, completed the cutover during the weekend, and on Monday morning there was a single piece of paper on each PC explaining how to log-in to the new system. All things considered, it was an extremely smooth implementation.”

Before Uptime Practice

BMWB’s IT implementation was typical of a small law firm of that era: an on premises server that ran Microsoft Small Business Server with Exchange and Office for email and documents, and a popular legal billing application. The firm was also trying to provide access between their two offices using a VPN tunnel.

Then disaster struck in the form of their hard drive crashing.

The Solution

They evaluated both local and national Cloud Service Providers (“CSPs”), and after several conversations and presentations concluded that, based on its legal-first focus and experience working with law firms and legal applications, Uptime Legal was the most qualified provider. With that being decided, Uptime and BMWB set forth plans to migrate to the cloud and absolve data concerns moving forward.

Q&A with Brad Borden

Tell us about your Firm

“What began as a boutique practice in 1985, with three attorneys focusing on Real Estate, Estate Planning, and oil and gas, has evolved into a firm of 24 attorneys with a “full-service” practice approach for business clients including lending and financial institutions, churches, and non-profit organizations.”

What did you use prior to Uptime Practice?

“We owned and operated on-premise servers for our MS suite and legal billing. We tried to give access to both offices through a VPN tunnel, which proved difficult and unreliable.”

Ultimately, what made you choose Uptime Practice?

“While we had some trepidation about moving to the cloud, Uptime laid out the complete plan. We knew they had handled this process many times for other firms. This gave us confidence as we approached the conversion.”

How has Uptime Practice streamlined or helped your law practice?

“BMWB turned to Uptime as a trusted advisor. After evaluating our firm’s needs, Uptime confirmed the firm’s own research effort by recommending ProLaw as a complete solution, providing front-office and back-office functionality for mid-sized firms. We worked directly with ProLaw to acquire the proper licenses and then turned to Uptime to assist with the implementation.”

What are your favorite features or aspects of Uptime Practice?

“Getting onto the cloud has given us peace of mind for data security. Also, it was great that Uptime was willing to go beyond cloud hosting to help us attain hosted Practice Management Software too. The service and support was great.”

What would you say to another law firm considering Uptime Practice? – What advice or council would you give?

“Don’t wait until server failure. Use Uptime to utilize the superior solution of cloud-hosting.”

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