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Practice Area(s):  General Practice (Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, State Litigation, and Business Law.

Location(s):  Vineland, New Jersey

Any time we have had an issue, it has been addressed professionally, efficiently, and with the attention that the issues deserves. So, we have been extremely happy with Uptime and we continue to be so."

Uptime Practice Case Study

Since 1985, Capizola, Pancari, & Lapham, P.A. has been serving New Jersey. Their mission is “to protect and further our clients’ interests by providing them with high quality legal services in an ethical and cost effective manner.” They wanted to cut out wasted time dealing with IT issues, while reaping the rewards that the cloud offers — exactly what Uptime Practice offers.

Before Uptime Practice

Capizola, Pancari, & Lapham, P.A. maintained onsite computers and servers. If there was an IT issue, Barbara was often taken away from her legal work to troubleshoot technical issues because their IT person was not always readily available, and it became expensive to continue contracting help.

The Solution

They sought out a solution that absolved them of the responsibility of server ownership and maintaining IT support in-house. They found Uptime Practice — a cost-effective solution that provided them with newfound flexibility, peace of mind, and readily available service for ongoing maintenance and unexpected issues. They are able to focus on the work that matters with the confidence that their data, software, and IT is secure and operational.

Q&A with Barbara Lapham

Tell us about your Firm

“We are a general practice firm. Currently, we have four attorneys covering personal injury and workers compensation matters, civil litigation, criminal defense , and state litigation. We also have a very active business department where we form corporations and LLCs for new businesses, handle representation of those businesses for their future needs such as contract preparation, and more. We also have a niche practice in that I represent several community banks in the area and I handle their residential and commercial lending by doing due diligence review and document preparation.”

What did you use prior to Uptime Practice?

“Prior to moving to uptime practice, we relied upon one or more servers and local workstations all housed within our building. As a small firm, it was not financially feasible to retain technical support. When you have outside technical support, the availability of that support can frequently be very critical to your operations.

Our outside technical support was not always available or responsive to handling issues that might arise. I started to handle those types of issues in house. Although the problem may have been partially resolved, time is still money. The main purpose of my employment was to be an attorney and provide legal services.

We also faced the need to upgrade and replace our servers. This is not only a cost issue, but it’s also a management and time issue.

So, we decided to look for a solution that did not require us to be computer experts onsite but enabled us to rely upon outside support that was responsive and cost efficient. This is why we moved towards Uptime Practice.”

Ultimately, what made you choose Uptime Practice?

“Our desire to have a resolution regarding our computer needs and integration with our legal practice. Essentially, what we were looking for was to eliminate on-site servers and to have a support system that met our needs on a daily and ongoing basis. We found all of that by switching to Uptime Practice. The support system is one of the best parts of Uptime Practice. You learn very quickly how responsive the support team is, and it’s a blessing.

While we had our own servers, we had issues with the backup of our data. We have not experienced any issues since moving to Uptime. Similarly, the security provided through Uptime for your system is extremely valuable. Since going to Uptime, in April 2017, we have not had any security issues with any of our workstations or our data.

Also, they were familiar with PCLaw. They are a source of assistance to us as PCLaw has migrated and made changes in their system.

One of the key benefits of having Uptime is that you can structure the system how you want. We were able get the current developer of our document management system in touch with Uptime when we went to implement and migrate to Uptime. He worked with the engineers at Uptime to transfer all of our existing data and his developed program over to the Uptime platform.

Uptime provides the flexibility so you’re not the person or entity responsible for managing the servers.

Any time we have had an issue, it has been addressed professionally, efficiently, and with the attention that the issues deserves. So, we have been extremely happy with Uptime and we continue to be so.”

How has Uptime Practice streamlined or helped your law practice?

“We no longer have to deal with all of the computer issues that we used to have to deal with. Now, we essentially log in and start working.

When you do need support, the support line is available and effective.

We recently underwent a server upgrade. All of that work was done by Uptime.

I think the best thing is the support line. It’s always done in a timely manner.

Uptime Practice has given us the ability to feel confident that we will be up and running with our computer system every single working day.”

What are your favorite features or aspects of Uptime Practice?

“Uptime Practice has the best support system that I have ever used.

They are knowledgeable, they are attentive to resolving the problem that is being experienced, and unlike with what you frequently find with support people, they’re not condescending.

Another tremendous plus is the email system that’s provided. It’s based upon outlook, and you’re provided with unlimited storage.

Also, the backup of our data is also a great feature of Uptime Practice. We had a system where we used to run a tape. We found out that it wasn’t working when we had a problem with our server, and we had to go back and back up from a tape that was not just months old – but years old. We had a substantial gap in our data. Those nightmares no longer exist.

These are things that are so important when you’re so reliant on your computer system, and having a complete package of these services provided to you in a cost-effective way, is something that you really, really grow to appreciate the longer you use Uptime.”

What would you say to another law firm considering Uptime Practice? – What advice or council would you give?

“Simply put — do it. You won’t be dissatisfied with that decision.

The improvements that come with the Uptime platform are obvious from the very beginning of the relationship, and it’s certainly something that you can see every single day when you log into the system. You’ll see that not only yourself but all of your employees working without difficulty or time lost due to computer related issues.

The engineers that you will work with are extremely knowledgeable, but they’re not mind readers, so take the time to work with those engineers to craft the system that meets your needs.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“We were looking for a solution that took the burden off of our firm with respect to our computers and also provided a cost-effective way to accomplish the removal of that burden.

We found both of those requirements with Uptime Practice. That was true in 2017 and has continued through now. They are dedicated to providing services for the legal profession, and therefore, they are cognizant of what we as attorneys really need.

It’s just a pleasure to come in every day, log in to our computers, log into Uptime, and begin working. We don’t have to worry about a problem because a call to the support team would resolve that problem, and we have confidence that our computer system is going to be that way every day. Our data is secure, and we will be able to process our work in a fashion that enables us to meet the needs of our clients.

I would urge anyone taking a look at Uptime practice to consider those goals. Further investigation of Uptime Practice will show you that the services they provide will meet your goals.”

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