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Practice Area(s):  Trusts & Estates, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, and more.

Location(s):  New Jersey, New York, and Arizona

The service being provided by Uptime is second to none. You're always just too happy to help."

Uptime Practice Case Study

For decades, Arnold Reiter and those at Reiter Law Firm have  been determined to “provide the utmost level of expertise and resources that you would find a large law firm, with the efficiency and intimate family feel of a small law firm.” Arnie sought out a solution that allowed him to accomplish this from anywhere, anytime.

Before Uptime Practice

Reiter Law Firm used traditional servers for their software, with a network of interconnected computers. Before Uptime, they had not yet experienced the outstanding benefits that the cloud has to offer.

The Solution

An honest IT person suggested that Reiter Law Firm look into Cloud-Hosting Solutions. In the search for the best option, they found Uptime Practice. With the focus on law firms, the expertise of legal software, and the other qualities that Arnold looked for in a cloud host, Uptime Practice was the solution that Reiter Law Firm needed.

Q&A with Arnie Reiter

Tell us about your Firm

“Everybody calls me Arnie Reiter. I run a law firm called Reiter law firm. We are based in three locations. Montvale, NJ, New York, NY, and Scottsdale, AZ. The core of our practices are in state work, wills, trusts, foundations, and, taxes, and anything that goes sort of goes along with that. In my career I’ve done something like 5000 estate plans.”

What did you use prior to Uptime Practice?

“Before uptime practice, we used the traditional server that’s connected to a number of different computers together in a network. We were not on the cloud. The benefit of the cloud is to eliminate servers and to allow us not to have to worry about servers going down or issues with the server. So what made us look for a new solution? Probably because our IT person suggested that we look for a cloud solution. And I believe that I chose Uptime Practice because you deal exclusively with lawyers.”

Ultimately, what made you choose Uptime Practice?

“A recommendation by IT professionals. More importantly, the process was somewhat seamless to do. Also, Uptime specialized in law firms. The pricing is reasonable and fair. I happen to represent a managed data company of a large size, and I know what they charge their clients to do the work. So I think Uptime’s pricing, response, etc is fair.”

How has Uptime Practice streamlined or helped your law practice?

“I do a lot of stuff remotely. I live in New York and I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. I live some of the year in Los Cabos in Mexico and also some of the year in Los Angeles. So, the use of Uptime has permitted me to really be anywhere, be able to focus, have my documents, and do my work for my clients — particularly since I do so much transactional work. I think that’s the most significant impact.”

What are your favorite features or aspects of Uptime Practice?

“Obviously being on the cloud and having access to our documents, but I think the most impactful area for me is the responsiveness of your staff to help correct issues. I’ve never met anybody who hasn’t been just totally terrific on the Uptime side. And that’s really, really, super important. Even if I have a matter peripheral to the cloud, they’re only too happy to help me. So I think that’s terrific.”

What would you say to another law firm considering Uptime Practice? – What advice or council would you give?

“Uptime’s pricing is fair. The responsiveness is terrific. The fact that it focuses on law firms really makes it a no-brainer choice for a law firm to use. I think the service end of it is the most important. The fact that the service being provided by uptime is second to none.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“In concluding, I’d like to thank the Uptime people. Whoever created this and administers it does a very, very good job in customer response and working with your client base to make the technical side seamless — even when there are downtimes. You’re always just too happy to help. That’s really the most important thing for me as a practitioner. So, thank you.”

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