Law Firm IT – What Are Your Options?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn What Are a Firm’s Options When it Comes to Law Firm IT? Law firm IT is an important part of law firm life. With ever-changing technology solutions, data security standards that must be met, and an increasingly broad range of software to help you manage your practice, capable IT support and […]

5 Things to Require of Your Law Firm IT Provider

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn How to Find the Right Law Firm IT Provider Technology changes fast. Legal technology often changes even faster. Not only is managing law firm IT challenging, doing so requires skillsets from both the “general IT” category as well as the “legal technology” category—a combination that’s hard to come by. In the […]

“Hybrid Cloud” is Nonsense

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I’ve noticed a trend lately. A trend in jargon, and how its used. That term: “hybrid cloud.” Let me take a step back. With the advent of cloud computing, a lot of terminology entered the lexicon. Some of this terminology is (more or less) concrete, with definitions that everyone agrees on. […]

Piecemeal the Cloud At Your Own Risk

The Perils of a Disjointed Legal Technology System Across the world, law firms are ditching their services and eliminating IT headaches by moving their firms to the cloud. Its a natural stage of evolution for law firms and their technology: the cloud allows law firms to get out of the business of dealing with IT, […]