Your Firm Gets

Legal Software Hosting
All of your software - hosted in the cloud

Managed Backups
Multiple daily backups + system recovery

Dedicated Cloud Servers
Virtual servers dedicated to your law firm

SQL Server
Dedicated SQL server + licensing

Tons of Storage
Storage for your apps, docs and data.

Each User Gets

Virtual Windows Desktop
Access your apps anytime, anywhere

Desktop Antivirus
Cloud + desktop virus protection

Microsoft Office
MS Office for everyone in your firm

Exchange Email
Hosted Exchange with unlimited storage

Unlimited Support

Expert Onboarding
We'll handle the entire cloud transition

Legal Software Support
Support, updates and maintenance

Local Computer Support
Your computers and mobile devices

Network & Connectivity
Your network equipment & Internet

Printer & Scanner Support
Unlimited support for printers & scanners

Security & Compliance

Bank-Grade Security
Your data is safeguarded and secure

Onsite Cloud Backup
Keep a local copy of your firm's data

Two-Factor Authentication
Uptime Practice supports DuoSecurity 2FA

Restricted Access
Limit who can log on outside the office