Legal Software Report

Finding the right legal software is hard.  There are more options for law firm software today than ever before, making it a challenge to find the right software for your law firm.  That’s why we’ve developed this report.

In our second annual Legal Software Report, we cover:

  • How to Evaluate Law Firm Software
  • Cloud vs. Premise-based Legal Software
  • Top Law Practice Management Software
  • Top Legal Document Management Software
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Covers Todays Leading Legal Software


We dive deep into the top 15 Law Practice Management applications and top 5 Document Management Systems, complete with two-page spreads covering each software product.


Legal technology changes fast.  Every year we carefully analyze the leading law firm software, including what’s new and what’s changed, and distill our findings into a single report.


We’ll help you cut to the chase.  Quickly narrow your options to a shortlist, then find the best practice management software based on your requiremetns.

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About the Legal Software Report

At Uptime Legal, we’ve spent over a decade helping law firms manage their technology.  We’ve worked with hundreds of law firms, software publishers, resellers, consultants, commentators and experts.  This report represents over a decade of analyzing law firm software and working in-the-trenches with the law firms that use them.

This report aims to aggregate all of that shared knowledge, curated and distilled into a single report.  This report represents our best attempt to capture, interpret and represent the data, opinions and viewpoints available.

We hope you find the 2022 Legal Software Report useful.