Uptime Practice™ Next

Data Security

Keeping Your Client and Firm Data Secure

Full-Spectrum Security

Each element of the Practice Next suite was built from the ground-up for security. Collectively they provide your firm with end-to-end security for your firm and client data.

Data Encryption

All data stored in your Practice Management system, in OneDrive or in LexWorkplace Document Management is encrypted in-transit and at-rest, with military-grade data encryption.

Geographic Redundancy

All of your data is automatically backed up and replicated to multiple, redundant servers and data centers throughout the US. This applies to your Practice Management software, OneDrive, LexWorkplace Document Management, and Exchange email.

Add Security+

Enhance your firm’s cybersecurity and support compliance with our Security+ add-on pack. Designed for law firms with a heightened level of security and compliance, the Security+ pack includes Multi-Factor Authentication support, email encryption, email archive/retention, enhanced ransomware protection and more.

Two-Factor Authentication

Uptime Practice supports Two-Factor/Multi-Factor Authentication. MFA provides an incredibly powerful additional layer of security by requiring a second means of authentication prior to accessing your data.