Staying Secure in the Cloud Age

2017 EDITION Nine Things your law firm must do to stay secure in the cloud. Cloud computing is rapidly transforming the way we do business and who we share our confidential client data with. On-premise IT infrastructures are costly burdens to large and small law firms alike, so it’s no wonder that many firms are […]

The Latest WannaCry Ransomware Attack – How Will It Affect Law Firms?

What would you do if your law firm's data were held hostage? This is a real question that some law firms are having to deal with. One firm in Rhode Island lost 3 months of productivity, $700,000 in time they couldn't bill, and $25,000 in ransom they had to pay to be able to access their computers after being hit by a ransomware attack. The latest strain of ransomware is widely-known as WannaCry and is affecting computers around the world. How does it work, and what can your law firm do to protect itself from WannaCry and other potential ransomware attacks?

Hosting Worldox in the Cloud

Hosting Worldox in the Cloud – Overview, Benefits and What You Need to Know. Many law firms today, in both the US and Canada, use Worldox to keep their documents and emails managed. Worldox is a long-running document management system (DMS) that to it’s credit: has stayed useful and relevant to this day. Today, though, […]

Best Legal Practice Management Software for 2017

What is the best legal practice management software for 2017? There are a lot of options out there. Whether your firm is looking to implement its first legal practice management software, or your current legal software isn’t cutting it: We’ve got you covered. From cloud-based, to server-based, from case management to billing and accounting: This […]

2016 Legal Technology Year in Review

From Uptime Legal’s CEO 2016 has been as transformative a year for the legal technology industry as it has been for Uptime Legal. 2016 Legal Technology Trends In the past 12 months we’ve seen more law firms move to the cloud than any year before. We’ve witnessed (and in many cases spearheaded) law firms move […]

Private Cloud: A Primer for Law Firms

It’s officially the Cloud Era. Law firms and the legal industry are embracing cloud computing across the nation. When we think of “the cloud” and of law firms moving to the cloud, we often think of cloud storage services such as One Drive or Dropbox. Or we think of web-based software used by law firms: […]