Best Law Firm Accounting Software for 2021

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Top Law Firm Accounting Software | 2021 CONTENTS Introduction to Law Firm Accounting Software The Types of Accounting Software Accounting vs. Practice Management Software: The Differences and the Overlap Law Firm Accounting Software Features The Top Accounting Software For Law Firms - Our List More Useful Software for Law Firms Looking […]

Private Cloud 101 for Law Firms

Private Cloud: A Primer for Law Firms. CONTENTS Introduction In the Beginning: Server-based Legal Software Today: Web-based & Server-based Law Firm Software What is a Private Cloud? How Private Cloud Works: The Virtual Desktop Private Cloud Demonstrated What Software Can Be Used in a Private Cloud? Should My Law Firm Move to a Private Cloud? […]

Virtual Desktops for Law Firms

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Virtual Desktops: How They Work, and Why Your Law Firm Should Probably Use Them. CONTENTS Introduction What is a Virtual Desktop? How Virtual Desktops Work What Software Can Be Used in a Virtual Desktop? Should My Law Firm Use Virtual Desktops? Virtual Desktop Costs Virtual Desktops Demonstrated Doing Your Due Diligence […]

The Financial Case for Cloud for Law Firms

Private Cloud vs. On-Premise vs. Web Applications – An Analysis for Law Firms CONTENTS Introduction On-Premise IT Cost Analysis Web Application Cost Analysis Private Cloud Cost Analysis Capabilities & Limitations - The Intangibles Cloud Cost Calculator - Run Your Own Numbers INTRODUCTION Over the past several years I’ve talked to hundreds of law firms (and […]

Best Law Practice Management Software for 2021

Top Law Practice Management Software | 2021 CONTENTS Introduction to Law Practice Management Software The Types of Legal Software Software Finding the Best Solution: How to Get Started Law Practice Management Software - A Guide to Features The Top Law Practice Management Software - Our List More Useful Software for Law Firms Looking for Legal […]

Uptime Legal Joins the Thomson Reuters Marketplace

Uptime Legal joins the Thomson Reuters Marketplace Beta Program We’re excited to announce that Uptime Legal, and its Uptime Practice private cloud product, has joined the Thomson Reuters Marketplace beta program. The Marketplace is an online, global ecosystem that showcases the world’s best-in-class solutions to law firms. Uptime Legal has been providing ProLaw in the […]

Remote Working Survival Guide – 7 Strategies for Law Firms

Law Firms Working Remotely – 8 Strategies to Keep Your Firm Moving Forward CONTENTS Introduction Your Practice Management, Billing & Accounting Sfotware Your Files, Folders & Document Management System Your Email Your Fax Machine / Service Team Communication Your Phone System Electronic Signatures Virtual Desktop Solution Introduction We live in strange times. Working remotely, once […]