Which Uptime Practice Solution Is Right for You?

Published: June 11, 2024|In Legal Technology, Uptime Practice Updates|By Dennis Dimka

Which Uptime Practice Solution Is Right for You (secondary)We’re proud of our diverse product line, but we’re the first to admit that it can be a challenge to figure out which Uptime Practice solution is right for you.

Each of our solutions — Uptime Practice Next, Uptime Practice Go, and Uptime Practice Foundation — is designed to meet the technological needs of modern law firms regardless of size. But some solutions are better suited to specific law firms.

In this blog, we’ll compare the three products, highlighting their features and ideal use cases. By the end, you’ll understand which aligns with your firm’s needs.

Check out our comparison chart for a detailed visual breakdown of our solutions.

An Overview of Each of Uptime Practice’s Products

These three products offer different levels of cloud integration and managed IT services, each designed specifically for law firms.

Choose the one that best fits your law firm’s needs, depending on your current technology environment.

Uptime Practice Next

Uptime Practice Next is essentially your all-in-one IT solution tailored for the legal field. It includes robust cloud storage solutions designed specifically for law firms. This means your critical files are not only accessible from anywhere but are also securely managed and backed up in compliance with industry standards.

With Next, you get unlimited help desk support — experts familiar with legal applications are available to resolve any IT issues you encounter. Our experts will also take care of all your desktop management needs, including regular updates and antivirus protection to keep your systems secure and running smoothly.

You also get comprehensive hardware and network support, which covers everything from your PCs and laptops to printers and network devices. We make sure they’re always optimized for performance.

Security is paramount in the legal industry, and Next addresses this by including multi-factor authentication, email encryption, and compliant backups to protect sensitive client information. Desktop protection measures are also in place to safeguard against potential cyber threats.

Additionally, Next includes the entire Microsoft 365 suite, giving you access to the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and Teams, fully set up to meet the needs of your law firm.

To top it all off, we have a comprehensive onboarding process where we set up every aspect of Next for you, including coordinating with your practice management software and integrating your legal software with Office 365.

You get to focus more on your clients and less on IT management.

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Uptime Practice Next

Practice Next is a suite of Managed IT, Legal Software Support, and Cloud Essentials, made just for law firms.

Pricing: Starts at $395 / month for a 3-User Plan.


  • Cloud Storage: Legal-centric cloud storage solutions designed to work the way law firms do, powered by LexWorkplace.
  • Unlimited Help Desk Support: Get unlimited access to legal and IT experts to resolve any tech issues that arise.
  • Desktop and Hardware Support: Proactive management of PCs, including monitoring, Windows updates, antivirus protection, and support for hardware like laptops, printers, scanners, and network devices, ensuring everything is optimized for performance.
  • Security and Compliance: Features multi-factor authentication, email encryption, compliant backups, and desktop protection measures to ensure data security and compliance with industry standards
  • Microsoft 365 and Collaboration Tools: Custom setup of the entire Microsoft Office 365 suite tailored to the needs of your law firm, including the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and Teams, along with support for communication tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom to enhance collaboration within your firm.
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery: Secure and compliant third-party backup solutions for your Microsoft 365 data to safeguard against data loss
  • Legal Software Support: Support for modern legal software such as Clio, LEAP, PCLaw, Time Matters, and more, including setup, customization, and ongoing support.


A law firm facing frequent IT downtime and security concerns adopts Uptime Practice Next, integrating secure cloud storage, unlimited specialized IT support, and legal-specific software management into their operations. This solution streamlines their IT infrastructure across multiple locations, enhances data security with robust compliance measures, and improves collaboration with updated Microsoft 365 and communication tools.

As a result, the firm experiences significantly reduced downtime, enabling attorneys to focus more on client service and less on technical issues.

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Uptime Practice Go

Imagine taking your existing on-premise legal software and making it accessible from anywhere, on any device — this is what Uptime Practice Go can do.

It transforms a traditional legal application into a cloud-based app, freeing you from the confines of your office. This means you can work seamlessly from the courtroom, your home, or while traveling.

Security is a top priority, with advanced bank-grade security and multiple safety measures to protect your data.

Our team will set up your application in the cloud and handle all software updates and maintenance moving forward. You then log into your legal software via a web browser, freeing you up from any lingering on-premise servers.

If your practice requires access to your legal tools without being tied to a specific location, Go provides the flexibility and security you need.

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Uptime Practice Go

Practice Go lets you take your existing on-premise legal software and make it accessible from anywhere.

uptime go homepage

Pricing: Starts at $495 / month.


  • Legal Software Hosting: Offers simple, secure hosting for your legal applications, allowing them to be accessed as cloud apps from anywhere.
  • Software Support: Includes ongoing support, maintenance, and updates for your legal applications.
  • Security and Compliance: Features bank-grade security with complete data encryption, support for multi-factor authentication, and operation from geographically redundant data centers, so your data is protected at all times.
  • Engineered for Your Legal Software: The service is configured and optimized specifically for the legal software you rely on, providing seamless integration and enhanced performance.
  • Cloud Transformation: Turns your on-premise legal software into a cloud application, liberating your firm from the limitations of office-based resources and allowing attorneys to work effectively from any location.


A law firm transitions their on-premise practice management software to the cloud using Uptime Practice Go, enabling secure, remote access from anywhere. This shift allows attorneys and staff to work from various locations, enhancing flexibility and productivity without sacrificing security or compliance.

The firm benefits from reduced IT overhead by eliminating the need for local server maintenance, focusing more on legal work and client service.

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Uptime Practice Foundation

Uptime Practice Foundation is a platform that delivers a private, centralized virtual office where all your applications and files are securely stored in one cloud location. You can access this environment from anywhere through a Virtual Desktop Workspace. This setup is ideal for accessing your legal software, documents, and emails consistently.

See how the Virtual Desktop works below.

uptime practice virtual desktop

It’s great for law firms that want to bring a host of legal-specific software to the cloud.

The package includes the latest Microsoft Office suite and advanced email services through Exchange, equipping you with essential tools for effective communication and document management.

Uptime Practice Foundation also has robust IT support. We provide unlimited help desk support, so issues related to your desktops, laptops, printers, or any other device are handled by our experts.

The platform includes cloud storage options, making managing, accessing, and securing your firm’s data easy. Whether you need simple cloud storage or a more elaborate document management system, Foundation has you covered.

This solution is perfect for law firms looking to streamline their technology into a secure, easily accessible cloud environment while adhering to the highest security and compliance standards. With Foundation, you gain the efficiency of integrating all your technological needs into one platform, backed by continual support and advanced security measures.

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Uptime Practice Foundation

Practice Foundation is a platform that delivers a private, centralized virtual office where all your applications and files are securely stored in one cloud location.

uptime foundation homepage

Pricing: Starts at $185 per user / month for 3-5 users.


  • Legal Software Hosting and Virtual Desktop Workspace: Offers comprehensive hosting for legal software alongside a virtual desktop workspace, enabling access from anywhere and ensuring a consistent work environment.
  • Office & Exchange: Integrates the latest versions of Microsoft Office and Exchange email services, providing robust tools for communication and document management directly within the cloud environment.
  • Cloud Storage Options: Provides versatile cloud storage solutions, ranging from simple file storage to advanced document management systems, tailored to meet the specific needs of law firms.
  • End-to-End Security: Employs stringent security measures including data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and operation from geographically redundant data centers, ensuring the highest levels of data protection.
  • IT Support and Infrastructure: Combines unlimited IT help desk support with a robust infrastructure using dedicated private virtual servers and virtual networks, which enhance performance, reliability, and security.


A multi-location law firm implements Uptime Practice Foundation to centralize its IT infrastructure, ensuring uniform access to legal software and documents across all locations. This move standardizes communication tools, enhances document management, and strengthens security measures, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced IT costs, and better compliance with data protection standards.

The firm now benefits from a streamlined, secure, and scalable cloud environment that supports its operational needs and growth ambitions.

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Uptime Practice’s range of products — Next, Go, and Foundation — provide tailored solutions that meet the diverse IT needs of law firms of all sizes.

Each product offers unique features that cater to specific requirements:

  • Uptime Practice Next delivers comprehensive IT management for those seeking an all-in-one solution,
  • Uptime Practice Go allows firms to enhance their flexibility by cloudifying existing legal software,
  • and Uptime Practice Foundation offers a centralized virtual office that simplifies the management of applications and data across multiple locations.

Choosing the right product depends on your firm’s current infrastructure, future growth plans, and specific needs. Regardless, Uptime Practice has a solution designed for you.

Uptime Practice:

The IT & Cloud Platform for Law Firms.

Uptime Practice is a suite of Managed IT and cloud services, made exclusively for law firms.

Practice Next

Technology + Legal Software Support for Modern Law Firms

Practice Next is a suite of Managed IT, Legal Software Support, and Cloud Essentials, made just for law firms.

  • Practice Next is a suite managed IT, technology essentials and legal software support.

  • Practice Next includes unlimited IT and legal software support, Microsoft 365, legal-centric cloud storage and more.

  • Practice Next pairs great with cloud-based legal software such as Clio Manage, CosmoLex, MyCase and more.

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Practice Go

Cloudify Your Legal App

Does your law firm already have a cloud strategy, but have one premise-based application still running on onsite servers? Practice Go is for you.

  • With Practice Go, we effectively turn your desktop/server- based legal software into a cloud application (a Published App), freeing your firm from the limitations of traditional software.
  • Practice Go can cloudify your PCLaw, Time Matters, Tabs3, ProLaw, Juris, QuickBooks and more.
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Practice Foundation

Complete Private Cloud for Law Firms

If your law firm needs a central, secure cloud platform for all of your legal software, documents and data, Practice Foundation is for you.

  • Practice Foundation is an end-to-end cloud platform that will host all of your firm's applications and documents, and will optionally include Office 365 + unlimited IT support. Everyone in your firm logs into a Virtual Desktop where they'll find all of their apps and docs.

  • Practice Foundation works with PCLaw, Time Matters, Tabs3, ProLaw, Juris, QuickBooks, Timeslips, TrialWorks, Adobe Acrobat and more.

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