We Moved QuickBooks to the Cloud – Lessons Learned from a Law Firm

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn QuickBooks for Law Firms – Lessons Learned in the Cloud QuickBooks is one of the most recognized names in accounting software for every industry. Because it’s so well-known (not to mention reliable and its rich features), we’re certainly not surprised when law firms mention that they’d like to move their firm’s […]

How to Move QuickBooks to the Cloud – A Guide for Law Firms

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn How to Move QuickBooks to the Cloud QuickBooks is one of the most well-known and trusted software applications that helps law firms manage their bookkeeping process. With its gigantic community of users, comprehensive help files, and support offered by Intuit, it’s certainly easy to understand why QuickBooks continues to be a […]

Hosting Aderant in the Cloud – What You Need to Know

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn What Every Law Firm Needs to Know about Hosting Aderant in the Cloud Aderant is a practice management solution for law firms that provides solutions for time tracking, billing, business intelligence, budgeting, risk management, and data management. Law firms can pick and choose which features they’d like to use. Aderant can […]

QuickBooks for Law Firms – An Uptime Legal Review

Introduction to QuickBooks for Law Firms QuickBooks is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to accounting for businesses. And with good reason. QuickBooks provides easy to learn software that is periodically updated to keep up with business, the desire to use the software regardless of whether someone is at home or in […]

Best Legal Practice Management Software for 2019

Facebook Twitter 1 Google+ LinkedIn What is the best legal practice management software for 2019? There are a lot of options out there. Whether your firm is looking to implement its first legal practice management software, or your current legal software isn’t cutting it: We’ve got you covered. We work closely with hundreds of law […]

Tabs3 in the Cloud – 7 Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Common Questions about Running Tabs3 in the Cloud Tabs3 is a popular billing and practice management software solution for law firms.With more than 40 years serving law firms, Tabs3 is a trusted name and boasts an impressive 96% satisfaction rate from its users. With robust features and customizable options, there’s a […]