Best Legal Practice Management Software for 2017

What is the best legal practice management software for 2017? There are a lot of options out there. Whether your firm is looking to implement its first legal practice management software, or your current legal software isn’t cutting it: We’ve got you covered. From cloud-based, to server-based, from case management to billing and accounting: This […]

2016 Legal Technology Year in Review

From Uptime Legal’s CEO 2016 has been as transformative a year for the legal technology industry as it has been for Uptime Legal. 2016 Legal Technology Trends In the past 12 months we’ve seen more law firms move to the cloud than any year before. We’ve witnessed (and in many cases spearheaded) law firms move […]

Private Cloud: A Primer for Law Firms

It’s officially the Cloud Era. Law firms and the legal industry are embracing cloud computing across the nation. When we think of “the cloud” and of law firms moving to the cloud, we often think of cloud storage services such as One Drive or Dropbox. Or we think of web-based software used by law firms: […]

Cloud Apps for Law Firms

By now you’ve heard of the cloud and have at least a general understanding of what it is. Maybe your law firm has even implemented one or more cloud solutions into its practice. Has your firm adopted the right cloud solutions? What other cloud applications would improve your practice? You have cloud practice management, cloud […]

Local vs. Remote IT Support for Law Firms

Planning to move to the cloud is becoming the obvious next move if you’re a law firm. Having on-site equipment to be maintained, supported, and updated can be cost-ineffective, especially compared to the benefits of having everything accessible in the cloud. But, for some firms the idea of moving their entire practice to the cloud […]

Gmail vs. Outlook for Lawyers

We recently moved to Outlook from Gmail. Going in, I had really mixed feelings. Outlook, being a Microsoft product, gets a reputation (at least among a young tech-savvy crowd) as being a dinosaur. Enterprises use Outlook. Startus use Google Apps. But I am humble enough to be able to admit when I’m wrong. Outlook isn’t […]

Private Cloud vs. On-Premises

More and more law firms are moving to private cloud solutions every day. They are doing so for enhanced mobility, increased security, and to eliminate the headaches of managing servers and IT. But what about the cost? Will the cloud save them money? Is a private cloud cost effective compared to an on-premises environment? There […]

Don’t Piecemeal the Cloud

Every month hundreds of law firms move their practices to the cloud. These firms are looking to benefit from the many advantages the cloud brings, including the ability to work from anywhere, the increased security and reliability, and perhaps most importantly–to avoid the business of owning and managing IT infrastructure. That said, there is definitely […]

How Not To Select a Cloud Service Provider

Today, it seems like everyone is talking about the cloud. In response, IT service providers and software companies that traditionally focused on networks and desktop software are facing a shifting landscape and shrinking revenues, prompting some of them to develop cloud offerings of their own. Choice and competition is a good thing, but beware of […]

Virtual Desktops for Law Firms

When we think of “the cloud,” we often think of web-based applications such as Clio and FreshBooks, or the simple cloud storage solutions DropBox and Google Drive. However, there is a lot more to the cloud than just these two types of implementations, and the needs of law firms are often far more sophisticated. Today’s […]