Uptime Legal Joins the Thomson Reuters Marketplace

Uptime Legal joins the Thomson Reuters Marketplace Beta Program

We’re excited to announce that Uptime Legal, and its Uptime Practice private cloud product, has joined the Thomson Reuters Marketplace beta program. The Marketplace is an online, global ecosystem that showcases the world’s best-in-class solutions to law firms.

Uptime Legal has been providing ProLaw in the Cloud to law firms for many years via its flagship cloud product Uptime Practice. Uptime’s entry into the new TR Marketplace beta program solidifies Uptime Practice as a premier cloud platform to host ProLaw in a secure private cloud.

Uptime Practice

Uptime Practice is a secure cloud workspace that enables law firms to eliminate servers and IT headaches, keep their data secure, and work from anywhere.

ProLaw Hosting

Uptime Practice is designed from the ground-up to host ProLaw, and comes with everything needed to seamlessly and securely run ProLaw in the Cloud. Uptime Practice is pre-configured with the server configuration and SQL server components necessary for a ProLaw environment.

Virtual Desktop

Uptime Practice provides an easy-to-use cloud desktop environment for each of your law firm’s users. Your employees can access their virtual desktop from anywhere, where they can access their ProLaw, Microsoft Office, Outlook and law firm documents.

IT Essentials

Uptime Practice includes options for other IT essentials, including:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Exchange Email
  • Local AntiVirus
  • IT Help Desk

TR Marketplace

Participating in the TR Marketplace beta program will allow Uptime Legal to pair the Thomson Reuters core audience to Uptime Practice, providing a comprehensive Law Office in the Cloud.

Thomson Reuters is a leading provider of business information services; their products include highly specialized information-enabled software and tools for legal and other professionals.

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