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Updated: April 30, 2024|In ProLaw, Law Firm Software|By Dennis Dimka

ProLaw ReviewIn this ProLaw Review, we provide an understanding of what this software has to offer law firms.

ProLaw has mixed reviews. Some firms swear by it and others find that it lacks advantages found in more “modern” solutions.

Nonetheless, in evaluating if ProLaw is the right software for you, be sure to compare this software against the needs of your law firm.

We’ll help by providing software details, features, and ProLaw reviews to enhance your understanding. Along with this, we’ll also give you a tip for modernizing ProLaw a bit more by getting it hosted in the cloud, making it a more viable solution for the modern law firm.

ProLaw is long-standing, server-based practice management software. If you find that it satisfies the needs of your law firm, you’ll likely find it worthwhile to host in the cloud using a service such as Uptime Practice Foundation.

Introduction to Law Practice Management Software

Law Practice Management (LPM) software is a platform that, to varying degrees, manages each aspect of your law firm. The scope, features and capabilities of any given Law Practice Management application varies from product to product; though broadly speaking, LPM software performs the following functions.

  • Client & Contact Management
  • Case/Matter Management
  • Time & Expense Tracking

  • Billing
  • Calendaring
  • Task Management

Beyond these core features, some LPM applications provide additional functionality or focus on a particular element of law practice as a stand-out feature. These include:

  • Conflict Checking
  • Document Assembly/Automation
  • Trust Accounting

  • Business Accounting
  • Document Management
  • Email Management

In this way, LPM software sometimes overlaps with Document Management Software (DMS) and Law Firm Accounting Software.

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Introduction to ProLaw

ProLaw is long-standing Law Practice Management software suite. ProLaw is server/desktop-based software, which means it can run on-premise, on your firm’s in-house servers or hosted in a Private Cloud.


At a high level, the ProLaw software suite provides:

  • Law Practice Management
  • Legal Document Management
  • Law Firm Accounting

(See below for a complete list of features)

ProLaw is unique in that it’s one of the few, if not only, legal software platform that includes all three of these main pillars to running a law practice.

A Good Fit for Firms That…

ProLaw is often a good fit for law firms of 10 or more total people, and law firms that need comprehensive practice management, document management, billing and accounting in a single software suite.

ProLaw is generally not well-suited for solo and very small law practices.

The Company

ProLaw is a product of Elite, which is a division of Thomson Reuters, the same parent company as WestLaw legal research.

Sidebar: Legal Document Management

ProLaw is great for practice management, billing and accounting.  Many firms, in addition, need a secure, easy-to-use cloud-based system to store and manage documents (and email).

Your firm may need to supplement PCLaw with a dedicated Document Management System to securely manage firm documents and email.

You might consider LexWorkplace, document management software born in the cloud, built for law firms.

  • Securely Store & Manage Documents in the Cloud
  • Client/Matter-Centric Document Organization
  • Full-Text Search Across All Documents & Email
  • Outlook Add-In:  Save Emails to Matters
  • Work with Windows and Mac OS

Explore LexWorkplaceWatch the Demo

See ProLaw in Use

ProLaw has a lot of functionality, but nonetheless has a streamlined, largely intuitive user interface. ProLaw’s UI resembles Microsoft Office, giving it a familiar feel.

ProLaw Stand-Out Features

Modular and End-to-End Law Practice Software

ProLaw is modular software, customers can purchase and use the front-office (practice management and document management) module, the back-office (business and trust accounting) module, or both.

Deep Integration with Microsoft Office

ProLaw integrates heavily with the Microsoft Office suite, including Word (for documents) and Outlook (for email). ProLaw also integrates with Westlaw and WestlawNext.

Simplified (Optional) Web Interface

A relatively new feature, ProLaw offers its ProLaw Workspace option, which provides a simplified web-based interface to the ProLaw database. This allows power users to use the more robust desktop application, while providing a simplified interface for user's who's needs are more basic.

RelatedProLaw Workspace: A slightly modern touch to ProLaw, Workspace provides a web-interface for ProLaw users. Learn more.

Complete Feature List

Client & Contact Management

A central database to store information for clients, courts, related parties and other contacts.

Matter Management

A central database of matters, cases and projects. Stores the most relevant information pertaining to each matter.


Individual calendars for each user, along with an aggregated, firm-wide view/calendar. Synchronization with Outlook calendar.

Task Management

Create tasks and to-do items pertaining to specific matters or projects. Assign tasks and set deadlines.

Time & Expense Tracking

Track billable hours and related expenses for a particular client or matter.


Invoicing, including for billable hours, contingency work, and fixed-fee matters.

Conflict Checking

Search the database for related names, document each conflict check.

Business Accounting

Standard business accounting, including a Chart of Accounts, Bank/Operating Accounts, standard accounting reports (P&L, Balance Sheet).

Trust Accounting

Trust/IOLTA accounting for management of trust funds, including trust account reporting.

Document Assembly/Automation

Automatic preparation and population of specific court documents and forms.

Document Storage

Built-in cloud storage for related documents and files.

Document Management

Advanced document management including full-text search, document tagging & profiling, and version management.

Email Management

The ability to save emails to specific matters, via Outlook integration.

Mobile App

An Android or iPhone application for time entry and some subset of software functionality.

Open API

An open API (Application Program Interface), allowing you or third-parties to develop integrations with the software.

Client Portal

A client-facing online portal to share documents and updates with clients and other third-parties.

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User Feedback

We’ve aggregated and curated feedback from ProLaw users. This feedback is made up of feedback from our clients, legal technology consultants and online user feedback.

“Good for going paperless.”

Terri from Denenberg Tuffley, PLLC


“Our firm uses this product as a true practice management tool. We use front and back office modules. ProLaw has allowed us to be an almost paperless law firm. Everything goes into ProLaw and we have true digital files/matters. We recently went through an audit with one of our clients and were able to provide limited access to the client.”

“Useful, but Not Intuitive or User-Friendly.”

Melissa from Legality

“It has a good bit of automation built in, and they are working to add more. Inputting information is fairly easy and reviewing notes is takes no effort at all. It is great for a firm that deal with fewer, more complex matters. The system is a bit clunky. They lag behind some of their competitors in functionality and ease of use. Merging documents can be done, but it is a process. Also, updates often come with bugs.

“Solid Software to Keep Track of Your Cases.”

Rogelio from Katz Law Office


“I used Pro Law for years at my law firm. I like how fast and reliable it is for your computer. I like being able to have different users. It does everything you need a software to use for managing your firm.”

"Amazing feature but difficult and time consuming execution.”

Mellissa from Law Practice


“I did not like using ProLaw at all. I waisted way to much time on admin work managing the files in ProLaw.

Profiling items to the case is time consuming. You are limited on how to set up your folders. If you practice more than one area of law, the lack of customization is very restricting.”

“Great Workflow, Docketing and Document Management“

Tanya from KEL Attorneys


“In comparison to programs like World Docs & Perfect Practice, ProLaw offered many additional workflow and tracking features that allowed me to adapt a high volume law firm’s ever-changing practices and procedures. This is a full case management system where case notes, tracking, tasking, document storage, billing and timekeeping is all-in-one. The reporting mechanisms were not the best, and it always took some work to convert data into an Excel format that worked for our staff.

ProLaw Software Pricing

Pricing information provided is made up of intel from customers, consultants, and in some cases the software publisher.

  • ProLaw is modular software, and law firms can purchase the modules they need including law practice management, document management, billing and accounting.
  • Pricing varies by firm size, number of timekeepers, and modules purchased.
  • ProLaw's Express Package includes support for 15 or less litigators, and starts at approximately $30,000 as a perpetual license.
  • ProLaw's One Office package includes support for 15 or more litigators, and starts at approximately $60,000 or more, depending on the needs of the law firm.

Pricing may have changed since publishing of this article, we recommend contacting the vendor for current pricing information.

ProLaw in the Cloud

ProLaw is desktop/server-based software, which means you can run it on your firm’s in-house, on-premise servers, or hosted in a Private Cloud.

ProLaw, in particular, is robust software, and as a result needs a significant amount of server resources (processing power, RAM) to function optimally. Hosting ProLaw in the cloud should be done only with capable, experienced cloud providers.

Running ProLaw in secure Private Cloud, via a Virtual Desktop platform, gives your law firm the advantages of the cloud, without having to maintain servers and deal with IT headaches.

This is what a virtual desktop would look like if you went through Uptime Practice.

virtual desktop for law firms

Advantages of ProLaw in the Cloud

The Best of Both Worlds

Keep the robust legal software that your firm is committed to and relies on, while enjoying the advantages of the Cloud.

Work From Anywhere

Unchain your self from the office, ditch clunky VPN and remote-computer-login "solutions." A Private Cloud provides a secure, easy-to-use Virtual Desktop that gives you access to your legal software, documents and email from anywhere.

Data Security & Compliance

Secure Private Cloud platforms, like Uptime Practice, keeps your software and data secure. End-to-end data encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication, Geographic Data Redundancy (Backups), Virus Protection and Ransomware Protection will keep your data secure and your firm compliant.

Eliminate Servers & IT Headaches

Maintaining servers and managing IT is a pain, even with a capable local IT support firm. A Private Cloud like Uptime Practice provides all necessary server infrastructure, managed, backed up and ready-to-go: So you can focus on your firm and your clients.

RelatedProLaw Support: So, you want to get ProLaw. Read this article to ensure you have the best support possible.

Minimize Downtime

Capable Private Cloud platforms like Uptime Practice are built with enterprise-grade infrastructures, and managed round-the-clock by professionals. This minimizes downtime for your firm, and maximizes productivity.

Flexible & Scalable

Stay flexible: Cloud-based solutions allow you to scale users, software, storage and options up or down as needed.


We consistently see Private Cloud solutions deliver a lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to managing on-premise, in-house servers and IT equipment. Study the Financial Case for Private Cloud, or get our Cloud Cost Calculator.

Ready to Get ProLaw in the Cloud?

At Uptime Legal, we host ProLaw and other legal software for hundreds of law firms across North America.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about ProLaw in the cloud for your law firm.

Learn more about running ProLaw in the Cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions about ProLaw

ProLaw is a comprehensive Law Practice Management software suite by Elite, a division of Thomson Reuters. It offers law firms practice management, document management, and accounting functions.

ProLaw is ideal for law firms with 10 or more members, particularly those seeking a single software suite for management, billing, and accounting needs.

ProLaw offers built-in document storage, with document management features such as tagging, profiling, full-text search, and version control, and integrates with Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Key features include client and contact management, matter management, time tracking, billing, accounting, conflict checking, document automation, and a mobile app.

ProLaw is server/desktop-based software that can also run in a secure Private Cloud, offering a Virtual Desktop option for law firms.

ProLaw offers modular pricing, with packages varying by firm size, modules purchased, and timekeepers. The Express Package starts at around $30,000, while One Office supports 15 or more litigators, starting at $60,000 or more.

User feedback indicates ProLaw is reliable but may have a learning curve, particularly in document merging and reporting functionalities.

ProLaw in a Private Cloud offers secure storage, encryption, multi-factor authentication, and geographic data redundancy, minimizing IT headaches and maximizing uptime.

ProLaw integrates with Microsoft Office for documents and email, as well as with Westlaw for legal research.

Yes, running ProLaw in the cloud via a Private Cloud solution, such as Uptime Practice, provides law firms with Virtual Desktops, enabling secure, remote access to legal software and data.

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