Time Matters: Complete Review, Features, Pricing

Time Matters: Our Comprehensive Review | 2021

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  • Client & Contact Management
  • Case/Matter Management
  • Time & Expense Tracking
  • Billing
  • Calendaring
  • Task Management
  • Conflict Checking
  • Document Assembly/Automation
  • Trust Accounting
  • Business Accounting
  • Document Managment
  • Email Management

From customizing the front-end, such as matter screens or reports, to customizing the back-end, and creating custom database queries, workflows and events, Time Matters is one of the most customizable law practice management platforms. Firms with a need to tailor a product to their practice and their process should take a close look at Time Matters.

Integration with PCLaw and Juris
Time Matters includes basic billing capabilities–which may suffice for your firm. If not–Time Matters integrates well with PCLaw (accounting for small law firms) and Juris (accounting for midsize and larger firms), each of which exist in the broader LexisNexis / PCLaw|Time Matters ecosystem.

Network of Authorized Consultants
Time Matters is very powerful and very customizable–but really getting the most out of it, and tailoring it to your firm, requires an expert. Fortunately, Time Matters has an authorized consultant program and a large network of independent legal software consultants who can help your firm maximize your investment in the software.

Time Matters Go Mobile App
Time Matters has a mobile app, called Time Matters Go, which allows you to enter billable time and perform routine tasks from your iPhone or Android smart phone. Related:

  • Software Technical and How-To Support
  • Time Matters Training & Education
  • Software Updates and Improvements
  • A Time Matters Account Manager
  • Access to Time Matters Cloud Hosting Options*
  • Client & Contact Management
    A central database to store information for clients, courts, related parties and other contacts.

    Matter Management
    A central database of matters, cases and projects. Stores the most relevant information pertaining to each matter.

    Individual calendars for each user, along with an aggregated, firm-wide view/calendar. Synchronization with Outlook calendar.

    Task Management
    Create tasks and to-do items pertaining to specific matters or projects. Assign tasks and set deadlines.

    Time & Expense Tracking
    Track billable hours and related expenses for a particular client or matter.

    Invoicing, including for billable hours, contingency work, and fixed-fee matters.

    Conflict Checking
    Search the database for related names, document each conflict check.

    Business Accounting
    Standard business accounting, including a Chart of Accounts, Bank/Operating Accounts, standard accounting reports (P&L, Balance Sheet).

    Trust Accounting
    Trust/IOLTA accounting for management of trust funds, including trust account reporting.

    Document Assembly/Automation
    Automatic preparation and population of specific court documents and forms.

    Document Storage
    Built-in cloud storage for related documents and files.

    Document Management
    Advanced document management including full-text search, document tagging & profiling, and version management.

    Email Management
    The ability to save emails to specific matters, via Outlook integration.

    Mobile App
    An Android or iPhone application for time entry and some subset of software functionality.

    Client Portal
    A client-facing online portal to share documents and updates with clients and other third-parties.

    Open API
    An open API (Application Program Interface), allowing you or third-parties to develop integrations with the software.

  • Time Matters is sold in two subscription models, both based on the number of time-keepers in your law firm.
  • Time Matters is available in Subscription-Based-Licensing (SBL), at a per-user, per-month basis,
  • Or: sold as a Perpetual License with an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP).
  • We recommend contacting the vendor for current pricing tailored to your law firm.
  • The Best of Both Worlds
    Keep the robust legal software that you're firm is committed to and relies on, while enjoying the advantages of the Cloud.

    Work From Anywhere
    Unchain your self from the office, ditch clunky VPN and remote-computer-login "solutions." A Private Cloud provides a secure, easy-to-use Virtual Desktop that gives you access to your legal software, documents and email from anywhere.

    Data Security & Compliance
    Secure Private Cloud platforms, like Uptime Practice, keeps your software and data secure. End-to-end data encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication, Geographic Data Redundancy (Backups), Virus Protection and Ransomware Protection will keep your data secure and your firm compliant.

    Eliminate Servers & IT Headaches
    Maintaining servers and managing IT is a pain, even with a capable local IT support firm. A Private Cloud like Uptime Practice provides all necessary server infrastructure, managed, backed up and ready-to-go: So you can focus on your firm and your clients.

    Minimize Downtime
    Capable Private Cloud platforms like Uptime Practice are built with enterprise-grade infrastructures, and managed round-the-clock by professionals. This minimizes downtime for your firm, and maximizes productivity.

    Flexible & Scalable
    Stay flexible: Cloud-based solutions allow you to scale users, software, storage and options up or down as needed.

    We consistently see Private Cloud solutions deliver a lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to managing on-premise, in-house servers and IT equipment. Study the Financial Case for Private Cloud, or get our Cloud Cost Calculator.

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