Latest Version of Uptime Practice Powered by Windows 95

Updated: May 19, 2023|In Cloud Computing|By Dennis Dimka
uptime practice windows 95

Here at Uptime Legal, we’re singularly obsessed with one objective: To provide the best possible technology platforms to law firms across North America. Our mission to provide the best, most innovative technologies to build for law firms never ends.

And sometimes to look forward, you must first look backwards.

Remember how awesome the 90’s were? So do we. It was just that nostalgia that brought us to our most innovative, most daring product development yet. Every year we look to improve and enhance Uptime Practice, our private cloud for law firms. And each year, it becomes more difficult to out-do ourselves than the year prior.

Our top engineers got together for our semi-weekly Idea Jam , and asked themselves: How can we make Uptime Practice even faster? Even more efficient? Even more pure?

Then they had it. An idea that undoubtedly cemented their future in Uptime legend for decades to come.

The next edition of Uptime Practice will be… Powered by Windows 95.

Minimalism at its Finest

Think about it. Windows 95 makes for the perfect computing experience for the modern lawyer.

  • The Windows 95 interface is basic (very basic), delivering the ulitmate in minimalist, no-frills experience.
  • It requires only 4 MB of RAM (though 8 is recommended), leaving more memory for your other software.
  • Speaking of software, very little (if any) modern software runs on Windows 95. That’s one less thing to troubleshoot.
  • Come to think of it, I don’t think they make printer drivers for Windows 95 anymore. Make that two less things to troubleshoot!

We like to think different,” said Uptime Legal’s CEO in a statement, “We reject the status-quo. Call us visionaries if you like; call us mavericks… the simple fact is that we’re committed to finding new ways to deliver the best possible experience to our clients.”

Packed with Features

As the new platform for Uptime’s award-winning private cloud service, Windows 95 is packed with useful features.

  • Dial-up Networking – So your law firm can… log into your local BBS. And that awesome modem sound of connecting to the Internet is back. (You’re welcome.)
  • A built-in web browser simply called “The Internet.” Can’t get much more straight-forward than that.
  • Native support for 32-bit software. (That’s twice the bits of 16-bit. As a rule of thumb, more bits are better.)

Special Promotion

To kick-start our new platform, we’re offering a limited-time, special offer:

Sign up before the end of the month, and we’ll throw in one free, beige CRT monitor.

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Happy April 1st.