PCLaw® Go – An Uptime Legal Review

pclaw go Review

An Introduction to PCLaw Go

PCLaw® Go is a new mobile app for users of PCLaw billing, accounting, and matter management software. PCLaw Go enables law firms and lawyers to track their billable hours and enter time on the go.

For a limited time, PCLaw Annual Maintenance Plan subscribers can claim a complimentary license of the PCLaw Go app. It is available for $99 per year for each user. Created and supported by LexisNexis®, PCLaw users can take advantage of the app and keep their billable hours updated when they’re not in the office.

PCLaw Go is unique because it integrates with the existing PCLaw application. PCLaw is a powerful and popular billing, accounting and legal practice management application used by law firms across the globe. PCLaw is desktop-based software, which means it can be run on a law firm’s own in-house server or in a private cloud.

Because of PCLaw’s powerful features and all-in-one functionality, it remains a trusted and valued option for practice management and law firm accounting.

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PCLaw Go fulfills a need by allowing lawyers the ability to keep up with their billable time when they’re not in the office. It’s a great option to help lawyers create accurate invoices for their clients so they can bill faster and earn more of what they deserve.

In this article, you’ll learn more about PCLaw Go and its features.

PCLaw Go Overview

Created and supported by LexisNexis, PCLaw Go is an app that allows existing PCLaw users to track their billable activities while they’re outside of the office. PCLaw Go makes it easier for lawyers to track billable time by providing a built-in timer as well as the ability to enter time manually. Since it integrates with PCLaw, it’s quick and easy to associate billable time to the right matter.

PCLaw Go is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

What We Like about PCLaw Go

PCLaw Go is an attractive mobile timekeeping option for many reasons. One of our favorite features is the ability for lawyers to use talk-to-text. It makes it faster and easier to capture thoughts and ideas before or after depositions and meetings. Since PCLaw Go also has auto-correct features, it’s easy to ensure that notes and entries are accurate. We also appreciate that it provides easy population of client or case information.

Key Features of PCLaw Go

PCLaw Go’s key features enable lawyers to make sure that they’re not missing out on valuable billable time by making it simple to keep up with their time entries when they’re out of the office.With PCLaw Go, there’s no more jotting down notes or relying on memory when entering time.

Key features of PCLaw Go include:

  • The ability to populate matter information directly from PCLaw. This helps prevent clerical errors during the billable time entry process. Lawyers can pull the correct matter every time. Billing accuracy is important because it helps lawyers avoid bar complaints and embarrassing conversations about billing errors.
  • In-app timer and manual time entry abilities. Lawyers have the option to either use the in-app timer or manually enter time for billable activities. This feature is great for meetings, phone calls, hearings, depositions, and other billable occurrences that take place outside of office walls.
  • Billable hours preview. Lawyers can see their billable hours through an easy to read dashboard.Lawyers can also use the calendar to look at billable hours for other dates. This handy feature can assist lawyers if clients unexpectedly ask how many billable hours have been spent on their matter.
  • Talk-to-text. PCLaw Go transcribes verbal expressions related to billable matters. This means faster and more convenient note and time-entry detail creation.
  • Automatically correct misspelled words. When adding explanations to matter information or time entries, PCLaw Go will highlight words and provide spelling suggestions. Lawyers can use the talk-to-text feature for speed and review suggested corrections or allow the app to auto-correct on their behalf.

The Uptime Verdict

PCLaw Go is a great addition for PCLaw users. In the era of mobile computing, its nearly a must-have for every user of PCLaw.

PCLaw Go allows quick and accurate creation and tracking of billable activities. There’s no need for law firms who appreciate the full scope of features provided by PCLaw to choose an app with fewer abilities (and possibly no integration) just to improve timekeeping when out of the office.

Cost-effective and easy to use, PCLaw Go is a must for any law office currently using PCLaw.

Better in the Cloud

While PCLaw Go will make the PCLaw experience usable outside of the office, it does not automatically make PCLaw cloud-based.

To run PCLaw in the cloud, your firm will need a private cloud.

A private cloud is a complete IT platform that is hosted and managed on behalf of the law firm from a separate location. Lawyers and key staff access PCLaw by using a secure virtual desktop. The private cloud can also be used to support the firm’s email, files, other programs, and data.

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A private cloud, like Uptime Practice, can host PCLaw along with improving accessibility to data and files needed to run your practice, data security, and reliability.

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