Law Firm Marketing: 3 Tips to Generate More Leads

Updated: May 19, 2023|In Marketing|By Dennis Dimka
law firm marketing tips

As of 2021, the legal industry is worth $750 billion, with projections showing an increase to over $900 billion by 2025.

If you want a slice of the pie, you need to invest in marketing.

To get you started, here are three law firm marketing tips that’ll set you on the path to success.

How marketing can benefit your law firm

A whopping 46% of law firms have no marketing budget, while 13% don’t do any marketing at all.

With most law firms being spread thin, many are forced to be reactive rather than proactive in their marketing.

And if you want to scale, this is the wrong approach. Marketing to just anyone is inefficient. Instead, you want to direct your efforts toward attracting high-quality leads that embody your customer persona.

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With a customer persona, all your efforts in acquiring and retaining new clients can be highly targeted to the client’s needs. This leads to happier clients, better reviews for your law firm, and more referrals.

Your persona is the first step in creating a detailed law firm marketing strategy that will help you target the right audience, generate new leads, and ultimately convert new clients.

3 tips to master your law firm marketing

Here are three tips that will set your law firm up for success.

1. Create a well-designed law firm website

As the industry catches up with technology, it’s no longer enough to have any old website. You want to make a good first impression, and having a well-designed website (that looks better than the rest) is the way to do that.

A lot goes into making one of the best law firm websites, but there are a couple of easy ways to get your website to stand out.

First, make sure you use only high-quality photographs and graphics.

Second, ensure your website is easy to navigate and includes all of the information someone might be looking for. That includes a contact page, about page, the services you provide, a FAQ, and a testimonials page.


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You can take it a step further and begin writing compelling copy, including blog posts and case studies, that provide value to prospective clients. Think about what your clients might be asking and write articles to address that.

For example, if you’re a criminal defence law firm, your clients may be Googling, “I’ve received a call from the police. Should I speak to them?”

(Remember that customer persona? It can help you plan out your blog content.)

Of course, there’s a lot more that goes into creating an attractive website design.

Whether you’re hiring someone in-house or outsourcing your website design, having an idea of what you want will ensure your website performs well and converts leads.

2. Make sure your site is search engine optimized

You can spend thousands of dollars on a professional website, but if it isn’t search engine optimized, no one’s going to see it.

In case you aren’t familiar with SEO, it’s defined as:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

It’s impossible to tell you all you need to know about SEO in this article, but here’s a breakdown.

To get to the top of Google, your website needs to follow Google’s SEO Guidelines. It goes over some basic (and not so basic) rules that will help you get the most of your law firm’s website.

If you’ve followed tip #1 and have a professional website, you’re already ahead of the game.

Focus on writing killer copy for your homepage (and your entire website) that hits all of the keywords you want to rank for.

And to improve your local SEO rankings, make sure you set up a Google My Business profile, like Oykhman Criminal Defence Lawyers in Edmonton. Make it as clear and concise as possible, detailing your services and your contact information.


If you want to learn more, you can check out our deep-dive into law firm SEO.

3. Consider content marketing

Remember when we mentioned blogging? Well, it’s a part of content marketing and is a great way to show off your authority and legal expertise.

Use your blog to answer questions your prospective clients are asking. Writing authoritative content is how you build trust in a highly competitive industry.

Another part of blogging is writing for Google.

Keyword research lets you identify search queries that your clients are typing into Google. You can use tools like Ubersuggest and Semrush to find keywords to use in your content.

For example, you could find out that the long-tail keyphrase “how do I get out of a parking ticket?” gets a lot of volume. Writing a compelling and optimized piece answering that question (or even putting it in a FAQ) can help you attract new leads.

To start, you might want to identify evergreen content that’s related to your area of expertise. That is, content that will forever be relevant.

As long as you’re providing high-quality content, Google will reward you.

Get more clients with law firm marketing

While marketing your law firm can feel like an impossible task, breaking it down into manageable steps will help.

We’ve introduced a couple of tips to help you get started, but there’s so much more to it.

Whether you become a marketing expert yourself or decide to reach out to professional help, know it’ll pay off in the long run.